Ashley Brooke~

INSTAGRAM: xoxocats. Pisces. German-American. 20. Ailurophile. Feminist. Avid Netflix Enthusiast. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Capitals. T Rangers. Cats. Food & Fashion Savant. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OTH. SPN. Shameless. Bones. Cougar Town. Arrested Dev. Veronica Mars. My Mad Fat Diary. Modern Fam. Hart of Dixie. TWD. Misfits. AHS. Skins UK. US of Tara. Psych. OUAT. The O.C. The Finder. Crim Minds. Bob's Burgers. Desperate Housewives. BrBa. Merlin. Community. Parks and Rec. HIMYM. Glades. Dawson's Creek. SOA. Scrubs. It's Always Sunny. QAF UK&US. 2 Broke Girls. Weeds. LOST. The Mindy Project. TBBT. OITNB. PLL. Don't Trust The B. 30 Rock. Undeclared. South Park. Big Brother. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
♡^▽^♡ Twinks ♡^▽^♡
Just remember that as much as I try, I can't please everyone. I have an odd obsession with anchors, daisies, and pineapples. Also this gay british boy band consumes my life.

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